The Gallery

Explore our gallery to go on a journey through of our exciting and unique artworks. Every box on this page highlights a distinctive item, eager to share its intriguing story. We take pride in our environmentally friendly and innovative boxes; some are even vegan!

Leave a lasting impact on your customers while minimizing your footprint. Feel free to leisurely browse our collection and let your imagination roam in a universe brimming with inspiration and innovation.

Top-Bottom Box

A classic box that comes in various shapes and sizes. This elegant custom-made packaging embodies simplicity made to deliver both a premium look and feel. Classics never go out of style, so if you aim to impress, here’s the right pick for you!

Shoulder Box

A perfect choice if you aim to add a bit of style to your product with a classic design. Ideal for cosmetics, perfume, jewellery, candles and whatever else fits into this embodiment of schick.

Match Box

Thinking outside the box is nice, but what goes inside it also deserves some attention. Having borrowed it’s name from matches (apparently) it’s a bit deceptive in the terms of purposes this charming piece can serve. Perfectly suitable for storing reading or sunglasses, but it’s your call.

Box in Cover

A box that offers so much more than meets the eye. Not only does it provide a great way to display your product, but it also can contain images and descriptions printed on it’s inside of the cover. They say - never judge a book by it’s cover. It’s a different story with our box, apparently...

Box with multiple drawers

A box with multiple drawers is a storage container typically designed with several compartments or pull-out sections, each serving as an individual drawer. These boxes are commonly used for organizing and storing small items such as jewelry, office supplies, crafting materials, or tools. They come in various sizes, materials, and designs to suit different purposes and aesthetics, offering a practical and visually appealing way to keep items neatly organized and easily accessible.

Wood Box

Meet the dessert of the Karlsberg Luxpack packaging menu. Variations are available from a modest slide top wine box to an ultra-luxury whisky box. Our master carpenters are the best in the business. Just let your imagination put their skills to test.

Tube box

A classic packaging choice for bottles, Not only does this box protect the glass bottle in shipment, it gives much more area for your artwork and design. And protects the (usually precious) beverage inside in case it gets transported, for instance, like a gift.

Longside hinge box with insert

Metal hinges are available for rigid box construction. They add an touch of elegance and premium quality to the box. Needless to say, the box serves as an extension of the content inside as additional branding can be printed on it.

Slipcase box

Commonly used for storing books or magazines, office documentation or sample folders for sales people. There are lots of printing options to make this box stand out. Like the glossy emboss print here - always does the trick...


Commonly used for sets of books, magazines or just paper, this probably is the most universal of boxes we offer. An all time classic improved by modern material and print options we offer in a wide variety.

Cosmetic slipcase

A Karlsberg Luxpack specialty and a groundbreaking innovation, if we may add. You can choose from multiple options of design. This packaging is 100 % sustainable and does not contain any environmentally unfriendly plastic parts. Purse size and ideal for on the go make up application. More to it - it’s vegan friendly. If you are a cosmetics producer, here’s a great way to distinguish your product from the competition.

Bottle box

Another of our in-house specialties. This practical and cost effective design box can fit many different bottle types. Choose a packaging that has a bigger shelf-appeal. It offers much more space for artwork and design, but still lets you showcase the product. A real win-win example of packaging.

Slanted Lid Box

Suitable for displaying many products arranged in a standing position. By it’s function somewhat similar to a good old library shelf - many items can be aligned side to side. This makes the box very spacious as it can 􀌌t in a large quantity of your product or it’s samples.

Display box with lid

Display is a rather modest word to describe this packaging masterpiece. A perfect choice to deliver your product in style and grace. A unique type of box that can be specially crafted to fit in different items. It provides for maximum display abilities with fitted compartments, slots and spaces. A timeless elegance designed to impress.

Rigid fold up box

An excellent space and cost saving option, this fold up box can be produced in various sizes. It’s perfectly suited to be transported or stored flat, therefore saving on shipping or storage fees. The fold up cover can be used to add an additional design or product descriptions.

Cosmetic Pallet

Another one of our line of 100% recyclable and sustainable cosmetics packaging items. No plastics are used in the production of it. A cosmetics industry standard - of course it has an eye catching design and shine. Add your print on the cover and we’re good to go!

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