Premium Drinks Boxes

Each product is unique and therefore needs unique packaging to stand out. With our team of experienced designers and product developers, we can create prototypes in all shapes and sizes, along with specially designed packaging that will help your product stand out from the crowd.

Specialized Equipment

Our highly modern machinery comprises both specialized machines and standard machines. This allows us to provide standard solutions, but also to go wider, deeper and higher than most competitors. Do you need simple packaging or something unique? Karlsberg Luxpack can deliver both.

Sustainable Packaging

Choose a sustainable solution – because your customers will. Naturally, all boxes from Karlsberg Luxpack are made of FCP-certified and sustainable materials.

Having shorter delivery routes not only eliminates uncertainties, but also helps minimize transport emissions. This is good for you, the customer and the planet.

Karlsberg SIA has received financing from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency under the International Competitiveness program. This program has co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund. Date: 10.02.2021. Nr.: SKV-L-2021/21

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